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Our vision is to release Abraham’s blessing within 447 Muslim Languages so that every Muslim family has access to the Blessing of Abraham. “They who had no news of Him shall see, and they who have not heard shall understand.” Romans 15:21

Our 3 stateside staff boast 2 doctorates from Oxford, 7 Master's Degrees, and 3 Bachelor's Degrees; - over 20 years of experience overseas and 40 years of experience pastoring stateside.
Our overseas staff has 2 recognized translation consultants, 4 trained exegetical reviewers, 2 cultural advisors and more than a century of experience in Bible translation.



We approach reaching the Muslim World from the engagement perspective. The best translation work in the world is to no avail if you don't get people engaged with it. Translation, Scripture Engagement, and Discipleship (Character Development) are hallmarks of our philosophy and ethic.

For Instance:
When a person sits down with our Product on Jonah. He or she is embraced with an acceptable piece of literature, produced under very high standards which enable it to "smell" muslim. That literature challenges the reader to view his neighbor and even his enemy with a heart of compassion and seek reconciliation rather than retribution or revenge.


Words don't have meanings; meanings have words. At Engaging Worlds we work hard at ensuring that the meaning of the Biblical text is communicated in a way that clearly conveys what the original text meant.


Our products have a format and presentation that allows non-westerners to know that this belongs to them.


Scripture Engagement is key. It is the Word of God that transforms hearts. we are putting acceptable biblical materials in people's hands in ways that engage their hearts and minds in considering God's Truths.

About Us


Engaging Worlds empowers unreached Muslim people groups to release Abraham’s blessing in their communities.


Our vision is to release Abraham’s blessing within 447 Muslim Languages so that every Muslim family has access to the Blessing of Abraham. “They who had no news of Him shall see, and they who have not heard shall understand.” Romans 15:21


Our strategy is to translate passages from the lives of the Prophets, the Psalms, and the Gospels that highlight God’s promised inheritance to every family of the world through the Heir of Abraham, Jesus Christ. Our Scripture Engagement teams use these Scripture Resources to help Muslim families encounter God’s promises so that they become peacemakers in their communities.


Engaging Worlds partners with individuals, churches, and foundations who invest in our vision. In the US, we collaborate with Muslim friendly Churches to recruit workers and to develop Scripture Engagement strategies with refugee and immigrant populations to help them find their place of blessing.


Translation - Understand the Covenant
Scripture resources that are clear, accurate, natural, and appropriate so that our translations invite Muslims into the full blessing of Abraham.

Scripture Engagement - Walk in the Covenant
Muslims gather to engage with Scripture and discover the blessing they have in Abraham’s seed. Our message is welcomed by Muslims.

Reconciliation - Release the Covenant
Cultivating peace and unity in volatile regions of inter- ethnic conflict. Embracing the Good News unleashes God’s love toward peace and reconciliation.

Endorsements …

We humbly point at what others have said:

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    "Addressing current and crucial needs in inter-religious and intercultural discourse, both nationally and globally in our societies, Engaging Worlds confronts these modern yet ancient issues with knowledge, vision, and creativity."

    - Dr. Barrie Evans, former Eurasia Coordinator of Translation
    SIL -

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    “I truly believe every project is a miracle. Each one representing the intersection of human effort and Divine timing/connections. Still, there are rare times when I see a project come through and it arrests me. This is one of those. The potential impact is tremendous.”

    — attribution concealed —
    confidential -

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    Engaging Worlds has been a mission partner with FBC Fairfield for 20 years. In this time we have seen the ministry flourish and God’s kingdom reach into countries and people groups that have never been reached before. I have no hesitancy in endorsing the ministry of Engaging Worlds to you.

    Leon Thomas, Executive Pastor
    FBC, Fairfield, TX -

Engaging Worlds

Changing the world, one heart at a time.

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